WHEN September 2018
WHERE The Netherlands


The Orphan Drugs Summit, will be back for the 7th edition, again in Amsterdam. After five successful years in Copenhagen, we moved to Amsterdam last year, And we are happy to announce that we are staying in Holland, by popular demand!

robert_okpu The Amsterdam Schipol International Airport, is easily accessible from most European cities. And many of our American guests regard it, as the ”Gateway to Europe”. So, welcome to the Orphan Drugs Summit 2018, for the second time at the Amsterdam Novotel Schipol Hotel. As we concluded last year - what has not changed, is that orphan drugs are highly challenging. From discovery to postmarket surveillance, and a comprehensive review of adverse events. That is why we are continuing to create a relevant platform for payers, hospital representatives, patient organisations, venture capitalists, regulatory bodies, drug developers, researchers and industry associations. To come together to overcome major challenges. We are not a big expo, soaking in commercial messages. We are a tightly knit, interactive forum - where the next important contact is no further away, than a few walking steps… and a tap on a shoulder.

With a more than ten per cent compound annual growth rate, the prescription sales in the orphan sector is growing at twice the rate of the overall prescription market.

However, there are still major factors like high initial investment, regulatory obstacles and clinical hurdles that constrain the run of the orphan drugs market. The regulatory framework and standards vary from country to country, making it difficult for companies to operate on a global level, especially in Europe.

If you are looking forward to being part of the orphan drugs business and policy of tomorrow, attend the Orphan Drugs Summit 2018! Join us to get the latest on: Welcome to the 7th annual Orphan Drugs Summit!


Robert Okpu
Editorial Director, Orphan Drugs Summit 2018
+46 70 251 96 00

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